We are dedicated to making sure our players are ready to hit the ice, and that means our pro guys are too. Here are some of the comments we have received over the years! #TeamCBS
Photo courtesy of Al Goold Photo www.algooldphoto.com

Couldn’t ask for any better service, all my gear over the years & skate sharpening were handled with 100% professional approach. Whenever it was short notice, Cold Blooded Sports would do whatever they could to make sure l was game ready. Thank you Steven & Pamela!

Tristan Harper

Photo courtesy of Al Goold Photo www.algooldphoto.com

I would like to talk a bit about my experience with Cold Blooded Sports. I played for the Braehead Clan in 2013-14 and on an eve of a game I needed my skates sharpened. With no time to call my trainer and being very picky on how my skates are sharpened, I gave Cold Blooded Sports a try! In the 11 years I have played professionally, I’ve never had a better experience. Not just with how well my skates were sharpened but how nice and friendly they were. You can always tell how well a sharpening is by how long they will last. On average I would sharpen my skates every 3 days on the ice however with them I could go 5 or 6 days on. Nothing but good things to say about them and I wouldn’t think twice about where to go for your hockey stuff

Ed McGrane

Photo courtesy of Al Goold Photo www.algooldphoto.com

I just want to give a shout out to Cold Blooded Sports for the amazing job they did sharpening my skates during the 2017-18 season. They care about the people who come in.

Brendan Brooks

We have had the pleasure of looking after a long list of players and their skates. From NHL stars to SNL favourites, we make sure to give you the best glide out there. Here is a run down of some of the pro skates we have looked after and serviced:
  • Drew Miller, (NHL lockout – EIHL)
  • Lee Esders (EIHL)
  • Nathan Moon (EIHL)
  • Ed McGrane (EIHL)
  • Brendan Brooks (EIHL)
  • Michal Gutwald (EIHL)
  • Vaclav Stupka (EIHL)
  • Tristan Harper (EIHL)
  • Derek Roehl (EIHL)
  • Jordan Buesa (EIHL)
  • Callum Boyd (EIHL/SNL)
  • Sam Zajac (EIHL)
  • Scott Pitt (EIHL)
  • Ben Davies (EIHL)
  • Aiden Fulton (EIHL)
  • Mike Will (EIHL)
  • Garrett Zemlak (EIHL)
  • Matt Haywood (EIHL)
  • Adam Walker (EIHL/SNL)
  • Ash Goldie (EIHL)
  • Matt Towe (EIHL)
  • Kevin Bergin (EIHL)
  • Chris Frank (EIHL)
  • Mario Laroque (EIHL)
  • Jeff Smith (EIHL)
  • Jay Rosehill (EIHL)
  • Harry Quast (EIHL)
  • Adam Brace (EIHL)
  • Jacob Doty (EIHL)
  • Tyler Shattock (EIHL)
  • Landon Oslanski (EIHL)
  • Mike Embach (EIHL)
  • Graham McCamley (EIHL/SNL)
  • Ross Connolly (NIHL)
  • Richard Thorp (SNL)
  • Martyn Guy (SNL)
  • Jardine Wallace (SNL)
  • Alan Maitland (SNL)
  • Scott Cowan (SNL)
  • Andrew Barr (SNL)
  • Zac Kenneth (SNL)
  • Liam Clark (SNL)
  • James Wallace (EIHL/SNL)
  • Liam Riddell (SNL)
  • Brodie Kay (EIHL)
  • Chris Turley (SNL)
  • Ian Turley (SNL/GB Coach)
  • John Churchill (BNL)
  • Scott Wright (SNL)
  • Lewis Gardner (SNL)