About Us

Cold Blooded Sports are one of Scotland’s quality ice hockey and figure skating specialists. We provide a fast, efficient & professional service at competitive prices, all with a friendly approach. Our after sale support is second to none and we provide an expert skate repair & maintenance service. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will check your skates and advise on the best options to suit your needs. 

Established in 2011, 100% family run and built from nothing, here is our story! 


Started by Steven and Pam in August 2011, the vision and dream of having a one stop hockey shop, where you can come hang out, chat hockey equipment and get honest advice, was born. 

Who are Steven & Pam…?

We started as friends, with an naive plan to smash the world of hockey equipment. We started with a small bank loan, nothing behind us except sheer determination and drive to make this happen! 

Steven started playing hockey aged 8, hitting the ice on a newly opened Lagoon Leisure Centre, attending the Paisley Pee Wees with coaches such as Danny and Bernie, learning very quickly that he had an unhealthy obsession to hockey equipment. Aged 16 he started his part-time employment, as an Ice Steward, whilst working as a DJ for public skating sessions, still playing hockey as often as he possibility could. 

When the lagoon closed its ice rink doors for the last time in 2007, he moved across to Braehead continuing his playing with local recreational teams. 2010 brought a new challenge as Ice Technician within Braehead Arena, cutting and maintaining ice. 

Pam, started skating at The Lagoon in 1994, aged 13. Skating every session weekly and watching the Paisley Pirates, falling away from the Ice Rink in 2000. Meeting up with Steven in 2010, whilst studying business at uni, the dream of Cold Blooded Sports was born. 

The journey for CBS began! 

Cold Blooded Sports starts….

Life at CBS started in a unit in Lawn Street, everyone lending a hand, painting, building desks and stacking shelves, we opened on a cold December 12th 2011. We had so little equipment and big dreams! We built ourselves up from nothing, ploughing every last penny back into the shelves, launching our clothing range and providing the hockey community with their one stop shop. growing up to being the biggest store in Scotland. 

Disaster strikes…..

Following the best Christmas trade in CBS history, a cold Sunday night in January, a call from the local fire brigade, had us running in panic to the shop. the whole place was engulfed in fire and smoke, everything lay in ruins. 

  From the Fire the Phoenix rose….

After a lengthy, stressful, emotional and horrible 6 month battle with insurance loss adjusters, we finally received some of our settlement. CBS Part 2 was underway! Yes, we really were daft enough to start again, again with nothing but sheer drive and determination. We had so many people to prove wrong! We will keep going! 

We had been operating a limited shop out of No.9 Lawn Street, massive thanks due to our friend at Pieve Interiors, who lent us his empty unit, pending a shop refit, for free in order for us to keep operating. Thanks to the gods, we had taken our portable sharpening machine home over Christmas as we had needed space, so we had somewhere to start! 

Home at Last!….. 

July 2017, heavily pregnant with our 2 new additions, with massive help from our amazing friends Ruth and Michelle, among many others, we opened our new shop to the public. From quick shop fit with many helping hands, a small bundle of stock and the same determination, we welcomed back many of our customers. 


Where are we now!?…..

October 2017 we welcomes our 2 new members of the Team, the CBS Twins could be regularly seem flying round the shop floor in their walkers, and still can be found at Christmas holiday time, helping out…

Steven and Pam, we we are the 2-person team behind CBS. We are a small family run shop, trying to run everything between the two of us, all the stresses and drama, all on our own. Our dream of a welcoming and happy hockey shop to get all our ice sports equipment is what drives us everyday. When we are at our lowest, especially coming through the covid pandemic, we remember the amazing hockey community, who pushed us with their warm wishes and messages of strength, to keep going after the fire. For you guys, we show up and give everything we’ve got. 

Come along and check us out! We have years of experience and skills, right on your doorstep. 

Check us out at 12 Silk Street, Paisley!!