Up Coming Changes!!!

Cold Blooded Sports fans! As summer rushes in and the ice sessions slow down, we bring this announcement to you with some disappointment but we feel we should keep you guys updated. 

For season 23-24, Bauer has devised a new structure on how its sells its products to you. They have implemented an “ELITE” seller programme, which states that all stores must carry a minimum level of top-end products, including protective, skates, sticks, etc in order to be able to access any future stock of these top level products. 

As one of Scotland’s Last ice hockey shops, Cold blooded Sports, after careful consideration, will no longer be able to retail the top two price points within Bauer Skates, Sticks and Protective. We will not be selling these via our website or within the store. This encompasses the Supreme Mach, M5 Pro, Hyperlite2, X5 Pro, etc. (See below a list of effected products, all other Bauer products not listed will be fully available in-store and online)

We will however be selling from entry level Bauer products, up to the third in the range, for example entry level X-LS and X-LP models to Supreme M4 and Vapor X4. 

Knowing the Scottish market as we do, it is not feasible for us to enter into this new agreement where we cannot justify holding top level equipment in store. This requires a massive investment in stock that the demographics of Scotland doesn’t cover.  Scotland doesn’t have enough rinks or players to warrant this level of investment. 

We have spoken to Bauer UK to enquire of any compromise that can be agreed but their hands have been tied by Bauer themselves so we have taken the decision for this season to step back. 

Steven Gardner, Owner of Cold Blooded Sports stated, “ We are deeply disappointed that we are no longer going to have access to Bauer's top end equipment after 12 years of dealing with Bauer. We understand this comes from further up the Bauer chain and understand our supplier has their hands tied. Nothing will change with Warrior and CCM hockey equipment, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank Bauer UK, Warrior UK, and CCM UK for their continued support.”

This should come into effect once the new products are released by Bauer later this spring.


Hyperlite2 Skates
Mach Skates
X5 Pro Skates
M5 Pro Skates
Hyperlite2 Player Sticks 
Nexus Sync Payer Sticks 
X5 Pro Player Sticks
E5 Pro Player Sticks
Hyperlite2 Protective: including Shoulders, Gloves, Elbows, Pants & Shins
Mach Protective: including Shoulders, Gloves, Elbows, Pants & Shins


Hyperlite2 Goalie Chest
Mach Goalie Chest
S23 Elite Goalie Chest
S23 Pro Goal Pant
S23 Elite Goal Pant
Konekt Goal Skates
Pro Goal Skates
Elite Goal Skates
MACH Goal Sticks
M5 Pro Goal Sticks
Hyperlite2 Goal Sticks
X5 Pro Goal Sticks
Hyperlite2 Goal Pads, Catcher and Blocker
Mach Goal Pads, Catcher and Blocker
X5 Pro Pads, catcher and Blocker

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