Bauer Power Fly Holder, What You Need To Know!

Bauer Power Fly Holder, What You Need To Know!

According to Bauer, the new Power Fly Holder is an entirely new chapter in skate performance, with decades of research and development. “Unveiled the untapped potential of what goes on below the skate boot”.

The new holder has been designed to increase acceleration due to being stiffer, meaning energy transfer will be more fluent.
The Power fly holder also boasts more responsiveness while turning.
Accompanying the new holder, will be the new steels. The Fly-Ti (see the image of the steel below) and Fly-X which will be the only 2 steels so far that will be able to be used with the new holder due to its new “Hyperbolic Geometry”. 

So in layman’s terms, your old edge steels, WONT work with the new holders. However, the new steels will be able to be used in the old Edge holders.
Mentioned above, the “Hyperbolic Geometry” basically means that the spine of the steel, which would be seated inside the holder, has been changed. This means that lightspeed edge steels will not fit due to the change in shape of the steel and receiving holder. This is a bit of a bummer especially if you have developed a collection of lightspeed edge steels over the years.
We will eventually see the Edge steels fazed out and replaced with the Fly-TI and Fly-x steel, which will be able to be used in the edge holder.

Only time will tell if the new Power Fly holder has been an massive upgrade to the Bauer Skate Family. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more random facts and reviews.

Keep it Cold Blooeded!

  • Stiff Front Post – Increases energy transfer in each stride for faster acceleration to help get you to the puck first
  • Hyperbolic Stability Bar – Enhances balance and stability for quicker transitions, more precise turns and a more powerful stride
  • Flexible Back Post – Adapts to your situational stride for faster side-to-side motions to always keep you ahead of your opponent
  • Choose your Blade – Compatible with the new FLY-TI and FLY-X runners – the same great performance of Pulse TI and Pulse now with enhanced blade security and reliability

  • Size: 3-12 Full Only
  • Key Upgrades: Titanium Coating( TI ONLY), Profile Ruler
  • Steel Grade: Premium
  • Finish: Titanium, Enhanced Edge Retention
  • Profile: 10ft.
  • Balance Point: Center, Ruler Gauge for profiling
  • Honing: Yes (Leather, Rubber hones)
  • Compatibility: Powerfly and Edge
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